Why Memberships?

Create a growth engine for your business

Memberships are a recurring revenue engine for your business to help you grow faster and build deeper relationships with your customers. Angle makes it easy to create, launch, and scale a membership program for your local business.

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Never start another month with $0 in revenue

Local memberships

Create a unique membership experience that only your brand can deliver. It's faster and easier than you think to start generating recurring revenue for your business.

  • Design a program that’s fully branded to your business
  • Offer member benefits like free items or discounts
  • Keep margins healthy with item-level limitations
  • Fully integrated with your existing POS system

Hybrid superpowers

Angle is the world’s first hybrid subscription platform. Combine retail and e-commerce benefits into a single subscription experience and be everywhere your customers are.

  • Create a local + e-commerce subscription experience
  • Use your retail presence to power e-commerce growth
  • Automate shipments or offer in-store pickup
  • Members can easily self-manage delivery preferences

Zero operational changes

We engineered Angle to work with your existing POS and KDS systems so there’s nothing to change about how your business operates. All the benefits of subscription, none of the training.

  • Simple implementations, go live quickly
  • Make changes to your membership program on the fly
  • Member portal for easy upgrades or downgrades
  • No new tablets at your locations or complex integrations

Data that drives growth

Memberships are incredible sources of data that give you insights into your customers tastes and preferences. With Angle you own the data and can easily put it to work.

  • Automatically gather member engagement data
  • Use powerful filters and segmentation tools
  • Create personalized experiences & marketing campaigns
  • Reduce your reliance on social platforms for growth

Need more reasons to launch a membership?

Generate predictable, recurring revenue

Create a recurring revenue stream that helps smooth out seasonal downturns and drive predictable cash flow so you can invest and grow with confidence.

Build deeper customer relationships

Clients who sign up for memberships are bonded to your business, provide a great level of service and they’ll stick with you.

Offer a cashless experience

Subscriptions enable cashless transactions that allow you to focus on what matters most, the client relationship.

Drive incremental visits & sales

Members visit more often and every visit is an opportunity to drive new incremental sales. Grow faster with subscription and incremental revenue.

Capture data that helps you grow.

Members engage with your brand more often and Angle helps you capture every interaction and data point. Put data to work to personalize experiences.

Increased business value

Recurring revenue businesses are more predictable, easier to model, and as a result garner as much as 8x higher valuations.

Local memberships may be new, but the business model is proven

Memberships are like gift cards that renew every month.

Memberships are like gift cards, but with unique superpowers. They renew every month and create predictable revenue for your business.

Members get exclusive, member-only perks that build deeper affinity for your brand.  Your business gets revenue that you can invest right back into your business to improve operations and grow faster.

Memberships are like loyalty programs that generate direct revenue.

Memberships create a powerful loyalty incentive through unique perks and benefits, but unlike loyalty programs they also generate direct revenue.

Done right, memberships are a promise to take care of something for your customers, in-turn they implicitly promise to forget about the competition.

Get inspired by successful local memberships

Any local or retail businesses that’s committed to creating an exceptional experience can benefit from the powerful features of a membership business model.

Quick Service Restaurants

Increase visit frequency and lifetime value with a food or beverage subscription that keeps customers coming back. Add a meal-kit option for a hybrid experience that’s everywhere your customers are

Speciality Coffee

Create a frictionless coffee experience that encourages cafe visits and grows incremental spend. Create any kind of membership you can imagine, from an unlimited coffee to a weekly or monthly drinks.

Craft Beer

Offer a modern membership experience that encourages visits to your taprooms and restaurants. Combine your retail subscription with a traditional beer club to create a lifestyle experience for your best customers.


Modernize your wine member experience with a data-driven platform. Create hybrid experiences that include tasting room experiences, traditional wine club shipments and virtually any other benefit.

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