Specialty Coffee

Grow faster with a cafe subscription experience

Subscriptions turn casual customers into loyal members while generating predictable revenue for your business.

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8x increase in
visit frequency
4x increase in
subscriber spend
Never start another
month at $0/revenue
Grow incremental
sales 67%

Build a deeper relationship with any customer

Casual Visitors

Convert new visitors into regulars with a unique offer they can’t get anywhere else.
$25 per month
Cafe Expereince
5 hot or iced coffees per week
1 baked item per week
Swag pack when you join
Any 12oz whole bean coffee (+$15/mo)


Engage your regulars at a deeper level, create a powerful incentive to never consider the competition.
$50 per month
Cafe Expereince
Daily hot or iced coffee
2 espresso drinks per week
1 baked item per week
Swag pack when you join
Any 12oz whole bean coffee (+$15/mo)

Coffee Geeks

Take care of your most discerning customers coffee needs at home and at your cafes.
$75 per month
Cafe Expereince
Unlimited coffee (1 per hour)
4 espresso drinks per week
1 baked item per week
Swag pack when you join
Any 12oz whole bean coffee (+$15/mo)

Your brand, subscription, your data

Angle gives you powerful tools to create a subscription experience that’s entirely your own. We always lead with your brand and allow you to offer retail, e-commerce or hybrid subscriptions that engage your community like never before.
Your brand

A unique subscription experience starts with your brand. Everything we do at Angle is designed to feature your brand and help you build a deeper connection with customers. Add your logos, brand images, colors, fonts and more.

Your Subscription

Customize your subscription plans to offer programs that make sense for your business. Offer discounts, free items, one-time giveaways or hybrid programs with e-commerce benefits, Angle makes it all easy to create and manage.

Your Terminology

Terminology is important. Angle makes it easy to customize your subscription program using language that aligns with the experience you’re creating. Call your program a membership, society, club, clan or any other term that fits your brand.

Your Data

You own the customer and engagement data that’s generated by your subscription program. In addition to making it easy to create a subscription experience we’re also making it easy to collect and use your customer data to grow your business.

Design your subscription

Angle makes it easy to customize subscription plans so they’re perfect for your customers. Set the plan name, price, billing frequency and much more. You can start simple, or create different plans for various customer cohorts, you’re in complete control.

Add unique benefits

Each subscription plan you create can have a unique set of benefits. Choose from free items, discounts, one-time giveaways and more. The number of benefits, description and rules are all up to you and can be modified at any time.

Set smart limitations

Each benefit you add can be configured with smart limitations that protect your margins while maintaining a great experience for customers. Set frequency, time and calendar based limitations for each individual benefit. A simple example is one coffee per day, or 1 specialty drink per week. This is a great way to drive more traffic during slower times.

Spotlight your brand

From a branded landing page, to unique member cards, your brand is always front and center. Angle provides the technology that makes it easy to run a local subscription program, but it’s your brand that’s in the spotlight. Not only that, but you always own the underlying customer data

Ready to launch your subscription, membership or club?

Deeper customer relationships
Predictable cashflow
Fully branded experience
Community engagement
Increased in-store visits
Own your customer data
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Tightly integrated with your POS

Angle orchestrates the entire experience using your existing POS system, there’s no new hardware or tablet devices to manage.
Your POS
Angle pulls your item catalog and makes
it easy to build custom subscription rules.
Your POS
Angle enforces subscription rules and
sends orders directly to your POS.

Beautiful mobile ordering built in

Angle delivers a branded and seamlessly integrated order-ahead experience. Subscription benefits are calculated automatically

Fully branded
Customize with your brand, colors and images to make the experience your own, end-to-end.
Automatic discounts
Subscribers see the benefit of their membership instantly, reinforcing loalty with every click.
Easily apply special offers
If your subscription includes free items or other limited offers, applying them couldn’t be easier.
Elegant re-ordering
Subscribers can see their order history and re-order in seconds.
Tips, preferences & notes
An experience designed to maximize tips and easily configure order preferences.

Subscriptions are proven

Subscriptions are one of the oldest and most impactful business models because of the powerful alignment they create between businesses and its customers.
subscription businesses grow nearly 5x faster

Subscription businesses have outpaced the growth of the S&P 500 and a basket of US retailers by 4.6x over the past 10 years.

the enterprise value of subscription businesses can be 4-8x higher

Recurring revenue businesses typically have higher valuations because they’re more predictable and less susceptible to seasonality.

feel more connected to brands they subscribe to

Subscriptions have a cumulative effect of building a relationship with consumers who feel more connected to the brand and products.

of people expect to have more subscriptions in the future

The fast majority of people believe they’ll own less stuff and subscribe to more products and services in the future.

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