April 20, 2023

Angle Beta Launch with Copa Vida

One of the first membership programs built using Angle’s platform is about to go live, followed by several others in the coming weeks and months. We couldn’t be more excited to preview what our team has been building for the last 6 months. 

We’re grateful for our partnership with Copa Vida and the company’s founder, Steve Chang. Steve has been instrumental in shaping our vision for the future of membership and loyalty in the specialty coffee industry. Copa Vida has been an insightful design-partner from Angle’s earliest stages and we’re excited to keep building the future of loyalty together. Let’s dive in… 

Membership + Loyalty

Angle is a membership platform for local businesses with a simple mission… help small businesses grow through predictable revenue and deeper customer relationships. 

To us membership is part of a broader vision about the future of loyalty, one where points and stars fall to the wayside, and experience, community and a true sense of belonging take center stage. Copa’s founder, Steve shared that vision and saw membership as an opportunity for Copa to build community.

Steve wrote “for Copa, community is a critical part of our purpose. We believe that our cafes have the capacity to be a gathering place where community develops and it is what drives us. With Angle, we now have an opportunity to make that relationship with our customers more consistent and measurable. Angle, to us, is more than a subscription program. It is an opportunity for us to connect and communicate to those who want to opt into our community and have a meaningful relationship beyond the transaction. Angle’s ability to work with our team and to help customize feature to our needs makes them a valuable partner in our efforts.”  

The mechanics of membership are different than any other loyalty program, there’s quite literally buy-in from the consumer which shapes the entire experience. Done right, the value of the membership far exceeds the price paid, but the underlying dynamics of a membership create a deeper relationship that pays off for the merchant and consumer. 

Our role as a technology company is to make the experience feel elegant, effortless and bespoke to the brands we partner with. We’re only getting started, but the vision is starting to come into focus. 

Angle x Copa Vida

Copa Vida is an exceptional specialty coffee brand with 10 locations throughout Southern California and several new locations in the pipeline. Copa started with a strong vision about the role that coffee plays in bringing people together. It’s a decidedly premium experience, but with a rare warmth and accessibility.

That warmth is captured in the membership program’s name, The Kindred. The program will launch with two membership tiers that include drink benefits that can be redeemed at any Copa location. 

Customers can become members in-store or online with a simple workflow that requires just one step. We’ve cut out all the friction, including creating a completely password-free experience. The program benefits, pricing and nomenclature is completely customizable and will be unique for every business that creates an Angle-powered membership program. 

The program is fully branded to Copa and has distinct brand elements including type, colors, logos, brand images and more. Benefits are provisioned instantly and redeeming them is truly effortless with just one tap. 

Orders flow directly to Copa’s existing POS system, so operating the program requires next to zero training. Copa’s program will launch in a few weeks time, we encourage everyone to check it out and will have another announcement here when it launches. 

Over time we’ll expand the experience with new types of benefits, new redemption options, community features, and bespoke membership journeys that make the whole experience truly experiential. Onwards!