Customers are good Members are better

Angle unlocks the membership economy for any business, online or retail. Generate recurring revenue while increasing visit frequency and lifetime value.

Memberships are the growth engine you’ve been missing

Build recurring revenue

Never start another month with $0 in revenue. Memberships create a recurring revenue stream and drive contribution margin.

Grow brand affinity 59%

Customers are 59% more likely to choose your brand over the competition after becoming a member.

Fuel frequency 43%

Paid members are 43% more likely to buy again after joining your program. Combined with a 60% increase in basket size, you have fuel to grow.
“We believe that our cafes are gathering place where community develops and that’s what drives us. With Angle, we have an opportunity to make that relationship with our customers more consistent and measurable.“
Steve Chang
Founder & CEO

Create a membership that's all about your brand

Create a membership that captures your brand’s voice.

Don’t settle for less than a 100% branded experience.

Create multiple tiers, set the price and billing frequency.

Members redeem benefits online or at your retail stores.

Create and customize benefits that keep members engaged.

We run on Square or Shopify, just like you.

Using Square? Create a custom membership experience for your cafe, restaurant, bakery, or other any local business.
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Using Shopify? Launch a seamless, fully branded membership experience powered by Apple and Google wallet passes.
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Ready to join the membership economy?

Done right, memberships create positive ripple effects through your entire business.

Build deep customer relationships
Increase average order value
Generate predictable revenue
Increase visit and order frequency
Create a fully branded membership
Grow customer lifetime value

The membership journey

Insights into building deeper customer relationships through membership