Wallet passes, the best kept growth secret for Shopify

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Turn every customer into your best customer

Create and deploy wallet pass in minutes

Activate on any Shopify page with custom widgets

Drive customer-led referrals to reduce CAC

Boost retention and drive LTV with member-only offers

Unlock a new channel with push notifications

Offer a seamless omnichannel membership with Shopify POS

Subscriptions and memberships seem to be everywhere. It’s easy to see why. They drive “forever transactions,” those incredibly valuable customer relationships in witch people sign up once but pay again and again, often without considering alternatives.

Robbie Kellman Baxter
Author of “The Forever Transactions”

Why wallet passes?

8% click-through rate!

Push notifications see an 8% click-through, compared to 2% for email and 6% for SMS.

85% pass retention

Wallet passes are rarely deleted, 85% of consumers keep their passes forever!

Extend your reach to mobile

Lock-in real estate on your customers’ mobile phones without the friction of an app.

Customer-led growth

Wallet passes make it easy for customers to share your brand with integrated QR referrals.

Natively omnichannel

Wallet passes are the perfect bridge between digital and retail experiences.

10 second activation

Add widgets to any Shopify page and turn customers into members in seconds.

What can a wallet pass do?

Custom branding

Every wallet pass is fully branded and customizable. Your logo, colors, images, copy, and more. You’re in full control to create and update passes that elevate your brand.

Stored value

As members drive referrals they can earn store credit and other bonuses that are stored in the wallet pass and can be seamlessly redeemed in your store.

Shopping links

Create and instantly update custom shopping links that map to collections or specific items. Drive traffic to member exclusives and offers with push notifications.

Special offers

Effortlessly create member-only special offers, events and savings that link directly to your store. Instantly update offers and promote them with push notifications.

Instant updates

Change any element of your wallet pass on the fly. Angle puts you in control of branding updates, offers, promotions and more.

Turn customers into members, anywhere


Our branded pop-up makes it easy to integrate wallet pass activations on any Shopify page. From collections, to product details, and checkout, start distributing passes seamlessly.

Landing page

Every pass you create has a dedicated, conversion-optimized landing page to drive activations. Use the landing page to drive activations from any marketing channel.


Angle offers turn-key widgets that can be customized and installed on any Shopify template page in seconds. Install widgets directly from the Shopify theme editor.


Distribute wallet passes to existing customers through email campaigns. Customers can accept and install passes in just a few clicks.


Distribute wallet passes to existing customers through an SMS campaign. Customers can accept and install passes in just a few clicks.

Angle is 💎 built for Shopify

Create, launch, and manage wallet passes with our native admin extension

Create passes in minutes

Creating and launching a pass couldn’t be easier. One screen to configure branding, benefits, and more.

Send push notifications

Reach members instantly with push notifications. Compose and send notifications from the Angle admin within Shopify.

Know your members

Track your wallet pass members directly from the Angle app, see their membership status and activity.

Custom widgets for any template

Create custom widgets for any page in your Shopify theme to seamlessly drive wallet pass activations.

Ready to engage your customers?

Activate a new marketing channel while encouraging loyalty and engagement.

Create branded passes
Encourage loyalty
Activate push notifications
Create personalized offers
Streamline customer referrals
Grow customer lifetime value