April 12, 2023

Let's Meet at the Specialty Coffee Expo!

Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

We’re so excited to be exhibiting at the 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, April 21-23! This is Angle’s first trade show and an amazing opportunity to immerse ourselves in the specialty coffee industry. 

The expo draws everyone from growers, specialty roasters, cafe owners, retailers, and coffee professionals, to consumers and students. It’s the biggest coffee show in the world with an international audience of over 10k attendees, so how could we not be excited!? 

Carrying the Torch for Membership

Our mission at the expo is to talk to cafe owners and other industry pros about the power of membership and subscription models. We’re huge believers in the business and experiential impact of local, retail-focused memberships for specialty roasters and cafes.

Memberships are unique in their ability to simultaneously create a profitable, cash-flowing program that’s also a unique consumer experience. Angle makes the entire process of designing, launching and operating a membership completely seamless, and we’re excited to show you exactly how it works. Swing by Booth #1042, here’s how to find us.   

Let’s Meet!

Find us in Booth #1042 right in the middle of the show floor! Access the full map or see the snapshot below (the full show is much, much bigger!)