July 25, 2023

NEW FEATURE: Order At The Counter with Wallet Passes!

At Angle, we help small businesses and the passionate entrepreneurs who operate them join the membership economy. Angle powers highly customizable membership programs for businesses like your favorite local coffee shops, go-to fast casual restaurants, and beloved craft breweries. Why? We believe in the unique power of membership programs to fuel recurring revenue, while cultivating customer loyalty. Done right, memberships are the tide that lifts all ships.

That's why we're so happy to announce a new feature that we believe is a game-changer – the ability to order at the counter using Apple and Google wallet passes. Here's what's cooking!

A Wallet Pass That's Uniquely Yours

We're introducing fully-branded wallet passes. These are more than just digital cards - they are an extension of your brand right in your customers' Apple and Google wallet. Each pass can be tailored to match your business's colors and feature your logo. It's a subtle, yet powerful, way to keep your brand top of mind. Your brand now has real-estate on a device that customers pick up an average of 58 times per day, that's powerful!

Wallet Pass Superpowers

Wallet Passes are like mini-apps, but without the friction of installing a new app from the App Store or Google Play.

Passes have superpowers like the ability to receive push notifications. That means you can send along the occasional promotion, announcement or member update. Push notifications have an average CTR of 35%, while SMS messages only have a CTR of 7%. This means that push notifications are about 5 times more likely to be clicked on than text messages. In addition to push notifications you can also add links and special offers directly to the wallet pass and update them anytime.

Seamless Benefit Redemption

Every Angle powered membership program can now enable wallet passes. We automatically track member benefits and display them directly on the wallet pass. Whether it's free drinks, food, or other perks the wallet pass includes a counter for each benefit. That counter is easy for your cashiers to see and automatically updates when a benefit is redeemed. The updated counter is visible both on the wallet pass and in the member web app. Simple and transparent, for you and your customers.

Because Angle is deeply integrated with Square, everything is automated at the point of sale. We configure member-only benefits and discounts, so all a cashier needs to do is add a member to the cart using their name, phone number or email. Applying discounts and offers is seamless, and if a member is out of discounts the system knows that. It's a smooth, process that lets you focus on delivering superb customer experiences.

Face-to-Face Connections

Ordering online is fast, convenient and effortless, but sometimes ordering at the counter just feels more natural. That face-to-face interaction is an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with your customers, which is what membership is all about. We believe in the power of personal connections, and we're excited to see this feature facilitate more meaningful exchanges that enhance loyalty. Now members can have the best of both worlds, a dedicated ordering app or ordering at the counter with their wallet pass.

Stay tuned for more updates!