July 7, 2022

Welcome to Angle

Hello, world!

We're so excited to publish our first blog post and introduce you to what we're building...

Our Mission

Angle's mission is to give small business owners the ability to compete and win in an increasingly data-driven economy. We’re starting by making it easy for local businesses to launch subscriptions for local, in-person experiences.


For too long subscriptions have been something that only software companies offer, but that's starting to change. We believe that subscriptions are for any type of business. Above all, subscriptions are a powerful way to build deeper relationship between a business and its best customers.

Done right, subscriptions are a win-win... For businesses subscriptions are a source of lasting relationships and predictable revenue. For customers subscriptions deliver an exceptional level of service from a brand they already love. There are so many benefits to subscriptions and strategies to explore. We look forward to doing that here on this blog.

The Power of Data

Angle's mission also calls for helping business owners get ahead of the powerful digital trends driving the economy. That means being laser focused on the power of customer data and growth opportunities that it has the potential to unlock.

Angle will help customers do more with the data that's generated by every interaction, in-person or online. Data can drive personalized marketing, higher retention, and fuel efficient growth.

There are so many themes that we can't wait to explore. Helping millions of small business be more successful using digital strategies feels big. It's going to be an exciting ride!