Create a membership experience for Square

Turn casual customers into forever members with a turn-key membership that’s easy to launch and even easier to manage.

Offering memberships doesn’t get easier than this

Offer free or paid membership programs

Easily set up multiple membership tiers with custom pricing and benefits. You set the billing terms and what’s included, Angle takes care of the rest. Your membership policies are enforced automatically and we handle the billing.

Members get access to a branded ordering app

Angle’s membership platform includes an ordering app that automatically calculates and applies member benefits. Members can place orders, redeem benefits, and manage their accounts, effortlessly.

Members can order at the counter

Members receive a branded a wallet pass for their iOS or Android phones. If your program offers limited benefits, we’ll display those benefits on the pass and make it fast and easy for you to look members up and apply benefits.

Monetize your space with member-only wi-fi

If customers love working from your locations, now there’s a way to turn those laptop warriors into paying members. Offer member-only wi-fi as a standalone benefit, or combine with drinks and discounts to give members the best of what your brand has to offer. Wi-fi codes can be easily rotated as often as you need.

“Angle, to us, is more than a subscription program. It is an opportunity for us to connect and communicate to those who want to opt into our community and have a meaningful relationship beyond the transaction.”
Steve Chang
Founder & CEO

A benefits engine that puts you (squarely) in control

Align member benefits with your business goals

Memberships create a powerful incentive to engage with your brand more often and at a deeper level. Angle makes it easy to create, launch and manage a membership experience.

Choose and customize different benefit types.

Angle makes it easy to customize your program with benefits that move the needle for your business. From free drinks and discounts, to member-only swag and wi-fi access. Your program is highly customizable and easy to update at any time. You can even offer optional “add-on” benefits like whole bean coffee for members to pick-up.

Set smart limitations

Easily configure limitations for your benefits down to selecting the specific item and modifiers that are included for each benefit. You can also configure frequency, calendar, and time-based limitations to limit redemptions or drive traffic during slower times of the day.

Seamlessly integrated with Square

Synchronized, online or in-person

Angle synchronizes your Square catalog, variations, and modifiers automatically. Any changes to your menu are instantly updated to your member ordering app.

You can also take orders at the counter. We’ll track the benefits and make sure that every member is taken care of.

Orders print in seconds

Member orders are instantly routed directly to your Square POS system. There’s no additional hardware and no operational changes required to launch your Angle membership program.

No training required, seriously

There are no new systems to train staff on and no operational changes required. Just launch your Angle powered membership program and let it run, we’ll deposit membership dues daily.

Ready to join the membership economy?

Done right, memberships create positive ripple effects through your entire business.

Build deep customer relationships
Increase average order value
Generate predictable revenue
Increase visit and order frequency
Create a fully branded membership
Grow customer lifetime value